Process Capabilities

Unique Finishes

GLI has a proven track record to be able to provide many options, both decorative and functional, to make your Class A surface look unique.

Our Precision Application of vinyl and polyester laminations creates the look of authentic solid wood, chrome, or stone surfaces without the cost.

Application of foils and heat transfers on flat, curved and hollow surfaces gives you flexibility in design options to create both function and appearance that sets your products apart from your competitors.

We can emboss almost any surface, both sold and hollow, and rigid and flexible materials, to provide definition and texture.

Cellular Extrusion

Our cellular capabilities extend to experience in running both free foam and external skin Celuka processes across a wide range of thermoplastics to provide you flexibility in shape, size and design. The advantages and characteristics of cellular profiles are extensive:

Hard, dense surface on foamed substrate gives you a light yet tough product

Our co-extrusion capabilities allow for lower cost core with a Class A capped surface

Decoration on cellular products, such as embossing or lamination, allow for endless design possibilities

Simple, complex and hollow shapes from 1" up to 14" wide dimensions.

For more than 10 years, we have worked to develop profile extrusion capabilities in foamed polystyrene that has created the very successful EON® brand of products that you would swear was wood. Check out our EON website for more information on what we have done with this product.

Multiple Material Extrusions

GLI is experienced in the co-extrusion of multiple materials in the same profile.

We have worked on many projects with our customers where we have taken two profiles (a rigid aluminum part and a flexible plastic gasket for example) and combined them into one product, saving both cost on material, inventory and assembly. Or we can co-extrude a cap on a simple or complex profile to provide a thin decorative surface over a lower cost compound that is not exposed in the application.

Our capabilities in this arena include:


Multiple co-extrusion

Cap stocking

Custom Color Matching

GLI has the ability to produce extrusions in almost any color you need. Our highly trained color technicians can replicate your color requirements in almost any material. Our precision color matching to OEM industry standards is accomplished with measuring devices such as Spectrophotometers (X-rite) and light boxes used to replicate different light sources as required. We have the ability to match colors to a Delta reading of as low as 1.25 and are continually pushing the envelope to challenge ourselves beyond this.

Custom Fabrication

We recognize that our customers are continually under pressure to take cost out of their manufacturing processes. As an added value, we can provide fabrication parts that are ready to use when they arrive in your facility. These capabilities include:

Precision cutting on or off line




System Assembly

Insert Molding


We understand how important it is to have quality in a finished product.